Grocery buyers

Making Every Point Count

Turn everyday purchases into financial support for your friends and family abroad. Say goodbye to unnecessary remittances fees and enjoy the convenience of supporting them directly with the points you earn in Canada.

Grocery sellers

Empowering Small-Scale Grocers

We empower small and independently owned grocery stores by enabling them to offer a points system that differentiates them from large supermarket chains. With the MP Points System, small grocers can offer their customers a sophisticated points system with unique benefits that they won’t find anywhere else. Our one-of-a-kind points system promotes international collaboration among grocery stores and attracts more customers to their stores.

How It Works

Grocers around the world are embracing our global loyalty points program. There is no need for large upfront capital to invest. MP Points System takes care of it all.

We Make it Simple

  • For Consumers
  • For Canadian Grocery Stores
  • For International Grocery Stores

Canadian Shoppers

  • Collect MP Points to send abroad
  • Avoid money transfer fees
  • Support local independently owned grocery stores

Canadian Stores

  • Drive foot traffic by attracting new customers
  • Build and increase customer loyalty
  • Add value to your customers’ purchases

International Shoppers

  • Save up to 10% on all of your grocery bills
  • Avoid remittance and conversion fees
  • Shop at nearby locally owned businesses

International Stores

  • Increase your average purchase amount
  • Earn dollar-for-dollar through points
  • Reward your loyal customers and attract new ones

Repeat: Keep shopping, keep supporting. Remember, everyday grocery shopping has the power to make a significant difference in your local community!

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Craig Moo-Penn, CEO of MP Points System

Craig Moo-Penn

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Moo-Penn brings three decades of experience in managing grocery stores along with remittance services. He leads communications across the company, to external partners and with direct customers. Mr. Moo-Penn provides cross-functional leadership in conflict resolution, customer experience, human resource functions and compliance matters. Mr. Moo-Penn holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the University of Georgia. He also has a remittance license by the Bank of Jamaica, along with a Fit & Proper Certification for Financial Services.